Our Goals

Our goal is to enhance commercial trade through countries all around the world. We exchange information, implement projects, and strengthen the commercial networks within country members. American Dream International based in Orlando, Florida, is your partnership to exports from around the world. We delivered self-knowledge of foreign affairs market helping international partners interested to export their products. The ADInt’l has all the regulatory knowledge of the country targets. We offer competitive value and expert consultation on logistics, packaging, and supply chain management, especially for the emerging markets of Africa and Asia. American Dream International has been a privately owned and operated company for more than 20 years and is specializing in working with government entities and major distributors to provide top products to new and emerging markets across the globe with exceptional value and a competitive edge.


Despite the global economic instability, the African economy was stable in 2015 and placed second among the regions with the highest growth, just behind Asia. The forecast for 2016 is an average growth of 3.7%, to shoot to 4.5% in 2017, so if the price recovery of basic commodities, according to the report. In 2015, net financial flows to Africa were $ 208 million.


The most stable and important source of external financing in Africa were capital remittances, which last year hit the $ 64 million mark. The continent is in development on “historical pace”: since 1995, and doubled the population living in cities with 472 million people last year. But the lack of planning and almost all major areas for the growth process of a country be leveraged, they need a lot of foreign investment and partners to realize the huge opportunity to leverage your business and increase your investment results, and assist a country in their support infrastructure in all areas.
The growth and the industrialization of Africa is “irreversible trend” and the country aims to achieve two-thirds of the planned investments in urban infrastructure by 2050, through appropriate policies promoting gains in agricultural, industrial and services sectors, driven by the growing middle class in partnership with direct investments of foreign companies and countries. The American Dream International – Global development - is our business engaged more than 10 years in various countries of Africa have the ways and knowledge necessary to demonstrate the business portfolio that are available to companies interested in this great opportunity.